Australia Day Award 2016

On the 25th January 2016 Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corp. Dhanggati Language Group was awarded the Community Group award.

Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corp.

Thungutti Tiddas Aboriginal Corp. Ngabu Bingayai Aboriginal Corp.

When first establish Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corporation was formally known as the Thungutti Tiddas Aboriginal Corporation formed in 2003 to support cultural activities based in Bellbrook, which lies at the heart of Dhanggati country.

In 2011 the members decided to open the membership to include Dhanggati men, thus Ngabu elder sister and Bingayi elder brother, and to widen the geographical base to include the Macleay Valley and Dhanggati people who live elsewhere. The new name change took effect from 10th January 2012. It also embraces the writing system developed in the revival process.

Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corp. is the ‘umbrella’ for the Dhanggati Language Group which holds copyright to Lissarrague 2007 and Kelly & Lissarrague 2011. Members of Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corp. have worked closely with linguist Amanda Lissarrague since the mid 1980s when she lived in Bellbrook and began her investigations into Dhanggati language.

Ngabu Bingayi Aboriginal Corp. translation of Dhanggati River Healing along with local artist, art work stained in the glass front entrance of the new upgraded Kempsey District Hospital

Welcome to Country Sign at the Slim Dusty Center Kempsey

Dhanggati Grammar and Dictionary with Dhanggati stories

Lissarrague 2007

Nganhima dhitiyn

Wanha nga’ang nganhimakayil

Do This! Don’t Do That!
A Dhanggati Language Book


Compiled by Ray Kelly and Amanda Lissarrague


Longest Bridge in Australia

Macleay Valley Bridge

Yapang gurrarrbang gayandugayigu

Kempsey High School

Girls Academy signage 2017